Food Hygiene & Menu

We are a NUT Free Provision.

During the morning session your child will have the opportunity to access the snack bar.

This consists of an array of fruits and biscuits throughout the week.
Apples, Grapes, Bananas, Cucumber, peppers etc. If any children have allergies to any fruits, we will offer an alternative.

This is accompanied with either milk or water.

Lunch: 12pm-12.30pm

Children who attend a full day session are required to bring a packed lunch.
We aim promote Healthy Eating and advise their child’s lunch to be filling and healthy.

  • NO Nuts! (Not nut based chocolate spreads)
  • No fizzy drinks
  • No sweets.
  • No pre-cooked food (fish finger/chicken nuggets)

Food Hygiene Rating - 5