Bradleigh Avenue

Welcome to Little Roos Pre-school

Little Roo’s Pre-school 2 is located within the annex of the United Reform church, Bradleigh Avenue, Grays.

We opened the pre-school in 2020.

We provide care for all children aged 2 years and 5 years old.

Our Approach

‘Curiosity’ All children are curious. This is their instinct of finding out about our world.

Here at Little Roo’s, we provide a natural world of learning. Our resources are mainly of natural elements, such a wood rather than plastic.

We provide opportunities for the children to open their minds and allow their imagination to help their learning.

By using natural resource their child can choose what they want ‘that disc of wood’ to be. It may be a coin, a slice of cucumber, a magic disc’ anything. The opportunities are endless. That plastic piece of cucumber is a plastic piece of cucumber!

We watch and observe how your child interacts with the resources and assists in opening their knowledge by enhancing the area they are interested in.

We allow the child to lead their play and staff will interact and question your child, which will allow them to use their thought process.

Children at Little Roo’s PLAY

They are curious, engaged, stimulated, socialising and learning, but most of all they are having FUN!

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