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We have been really pleased with the childcare the Little Roos offer. Both our children have now been through Little Roos and the setting continues to evolve and improve the service and support they offer the children. The have a huge range of high quality child lead activities and toys, that change all the time, they offer the right amount of free flow play and child lead activities. The children spend a good amount of time outside, which both mine children really enjoy, and the children respond well to the routine that is set out for them. The children are always happy to go to Little Roos so I know they feel safe and content there. I feel they have given both my children the right start and the skills they need to transition into school. Thank you Little Roos, I would highly recommend you to anyone.
Faye Babbington
My daughter really has had the best time at Little Roos. The staff are amazing with the children and work hard to create a caring and nurturing environment for them to play and learning in. Being a September baby and bit older, I was a little worried that she might get bored at times or take the opportunity to be lazy and only practise the things she could already do, but the key worker system means all of the children have a designated person tracking and encourage them to learn and develop (even though they just think it’s playing!). The range of activities and equipment on offer is really impressive and at the end of each session my daughter comes running out full of smiles and stories about the day.
Claire Babbington
I have found Little Roos Pre-school a professional and caring environment. The staff encouraged and built up my daughters self confidence immensely as she was very shy. The preschool has a community feel about it, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.
Mrs Andrea Pariser
Abi Stanley
Abi Stanley
Amazing little preschool my daughter has come on loads in the short 3 months she has been there. All the staff are so kind and the setting is lovely.
Cassie Nicholls
Cassie Nicholls
The best place I took my son! I wish I had bought my daughter here too! The Staff are kind and helpful. They go above and beyond to make sure I am okay as well as my sons well-being. My son goes in crying and comes out so happy all the time he has been. Gutted my son has to leave but the staff will always be remembered! Definitely recommend this nursery. Thank you for everything you do and have done for not only my son but me to.
Lenni Beckley
Lenni Beckley
Great nursery , my son really enjoys going there couldn’t be more happier
Amazing nursery have been very supportive of my child who attends, highly recommend very kind friendly and professional staff
Hello. My son has been attending to Little Roos’ since 2 years. From the begining we knew that is a lovely place and he is having fun, development and nice experiences there. Teachers are lovely and supportive to both kids and parents when needed and always open to talk about kid’s needs/difficulties. We like the way how the messy plays, artistic activities and nature exploration tasks are run. Our son loves that place. Highly recommended 🙂
Paige T
Paige T
Little Roos is the only pre school I’ve felt comfortable with knowing my child is in the best hands. All the teachers go beyond to make sure the children have lots of new activities every week and also keep us updated via app. My daughter absolutely loves her time here, she has a great bond with her teachers especially Serene who I couldn’t praise enough. Such a wonderful nursery and never had 1 fault. Amazing team !
Summer Scott
Summer Scott
Very friendly staff and my daughter loves it here! Excellent
Lovely pre-school and very kind staff! 🔝
Aysha Mcgill
Aysha Mcgill
Wonderful nursery, loving, patient and personable with everyone, really helped my son to learn and grow into a bubbly confident little man

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